DEN75cobaltiancalcites.jpg (28120 bytes)

Gorgeous and absolutely perfect Cobaltian Calcite crystals on matrix!
I didn't see another at the show that even compared to this one in terms of aesthetics and
quality. There are actually four Calcites on this matrix, all are doubly terminated. The
main xl measures 4 cm in length and is accented by Malachite! Measures 4 cm by 3.8 cm.
From the Mashamba West Mine in Shaba, Zaire. A superb specimen for Calcite collectors!

From the Edde collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


HOFMOLY.jpg (36833 bytes) HOFMOLYB.jpg (43759 bytes)

Museum quality specimen of lustrous and sharp Molybdenite.
From Kingsgate, N. S. W., Australia. This beauty is pure perfection
and measures 3.75" by 3.5" with a fantastic 2.5" Molybdenite crystal!
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC530NCapatiterhodo.jpg (13938 bytes)

Gorgeous TN! Rhodochrosite octahedrons on lavender Fluorapatites!
This VERY RARE specimen would make any collection proud. From the Foote Mine in North Carolina.
Measures 3 cm by 1.5 cm with 1 cm Fluorapatite crystals!

From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


AftDen2004-585rosequartz.jpg (48395 bytes)

EXCEPTIONAL!! Stunning specimen of Rose Quartz crystals on Smoky Quartz!
The pink Rose Quartz crystals spiral around the middle Smoky point like a skirt, giving
this specimen an aesthetic look that I rarely see in Quartz specimens. This is one of the
finest Rose Quartz specimens I've seen in and out of a museum. The light Smoky point
is fully terminated and gemmy with glassy faces. The Rose Quartz crystals are anything
but pale and contrast boldly against the center point. The surfaces of both reflect the
light and sparkle like crazy under light. I've only seen one specimen better than this one
and that was priced above $20k! From Lavra da Ilha
, Taquaral, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Measures 10 cm by 5.2 cm in size. Ex. Peter Bancroft Collection.
(Bancroft writes about this locality in his book "Gem & Crystal Treasures".)


TUC440HOFhimalayacombo.jpg (29766 bytes)

Superb combination piece! Tri-color Tourmaline, Citrines, Cleavelandite,
and Feldspar color this specimen from the Himalaya Mine in Mesa Grande,
A piece of perfection from a closed locality. Measures 3.5" by 4".
From the G. L. Russell collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


Perfection in rarity! A specimen of gemmy Phosphophyllite on Quartz and Siderite!
Measures 3.5" by 4" with approximately twenty aqua-blue crystals of Phosphophyllite.
From the pocket at Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia, this gem has been in hiding for 40 years.
From the M. Weill collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


HOFgaskinsfluorcal.jpg (28283 bytes)

Breathtaking and rare! A gorgeous 5 inch golden Calcite plays host to five
1 inch + blue Fluorite cubes with purple interior zoning! One of the most
beautiful Fluorite combination specimens I have ever had in the Gallery.
From the old Gaskins Mine in the Empire District of Pope Co., Illinois.

From the R. C. Greipel Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC441HOFboulderopal.jpg (55228 bytes)

The best Boulder Opal I ever had the pleasure of once owning.
Measuring 3" by 2.25", this Opal lover's dream from Queensland,
Australia boldly displays reds, yellows, green, purples, blues, oranges,
and various color patterns and swirls atop a brown ironstone matrix!

From the R. McCarver collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TU214HF.jpg (59824 bytes)

Museum quality specimen of Amethyst on Calcite rhombs with Quartz and golden Chalcopyrite.
Measures 6.5" tall by 5" wide and 3.5" thick. From the old mines in Guerrero, Mexico.
This specimen is as much a classic as it is beautiful. The mine no longer exists.
From the Kevin Ward Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward

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