DEN147elmwood2.jpg (75888 bytes)

Very asethetic Elmwood Fluorite with Sphalerite on matrix!
This specimen is perfect in every way imaginable! Three lavender Fluorite cubes
sit aesthetically atop the sparkling matrix with lustrous Sphalerite crystals.
From the Elmwood Mine in Smith County, Tennessee. Measures 9.5 by 9.5 cm.
From the C. Vermont collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


AftDen2004-701NCrhodoapatite.jpg (42243 bytes) AftDen2004-701closeup.jpg (54557 bytes)

RARE!! Superb plate of Rhodochrosite, Fluorapatite, and Smoky Quartz on matrix!
The surface matrix appears to be small crystals of pearly Albite! This is only the fourth
specimen of Rhodochrosite from North Carolina that I've ever seen and this one is by far
the best!!
A very rare specimen from the Foote Mine in Cleveland County, North Carolina!
Measures 7.5 cm by 5.7 cm in size with the largest Rhodochrosite octahedron at .9 cm!


DEN29triphaneaqua.jpg (39644 bytes)

RARE!! Gemmy Triphane (Spodumene crystal) attached to an Aquamarine!
This specimen is as unique as it is beautiful! I've never seen another and I doubt there are
many other specimens of this sort and quality anywhere. From Pech, Nuristan, Afghanistan.
Measures 6 cm by 5 cm in size.

From the Larkin Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


Denv97linarite.jpg (109027 bytes)

WOW! Super lustrous and flashy sprays of bright blue Linarite on drusy matrix!
This specimen was cherry picked from the best lot of Linarite I've seen in years!!

From the Blanchard Mine in Bingham, New Mexico. Measures 11 cm by 17 cm.
It won't be easy to find a better, more lustrous cabinet plate than this!
From the G. Forgirani collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC600cobaltsilver.jpg (21163 bytes)

AWESOME!!! Spectacular and thick twirling wires of Silver from Cobalt!
A beautiful classic Silver from a no longer producing locale! The wires twirl
aesthetically at the top and display a wonderful antique tone atop luster.
Measures 4.3 cm by 2.9 cm in size.


Denv17indicolite.jpg (31846 bytes) Denv17b.jpg (15712 bytes)

SUPERB!! Unbelievably gemmy-blue crystal of Indicolite Tourmaline!
Fully terminated with scattered Quartz accents. This specimen is one of the best
Indicolite Tourmalines that I've ever seen! It also measures
nearly 8.5 cm in length!
From the Morro Redondo Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
From the R. Larkin collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO45HOFflcal.jpg (32828 bytes)

Gorgeous specimen of Golden Fluorite topped by Golden Calcite!
Also with some Chalcopyrite, this glowing combination is from the
Annabelle Lee Mine, Harris Creek District, Hardin Co., Illinois.
Measures 11 cm by 11 cm in size with fully terminated Calcites.
Formerly of the Steve Neely Collection.
From the W. Fritzler collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


MT8HOFAZ.jpg (34306 bytes)

Gorgeous specimen of deep blue Azurite on a matrix base!
From the famous locality of La Sal, Utah. This well crystallized
specimen measures 6.5 cm by 7.5 cm in size. The Azurite crystals
are excellent with very few contacts and breathtaking color!
Solid Azurites on matrix are unique and difficult to find.
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


MT22LEG.jpg (44871 bytes)

Gorgeous crystal sprays of the very RARE mineral Legrandite!
This matrix specimen measures 7 cm by 8 cm and is covered from
top to bottom with well formed Legrandite. One of the better small
cabinet sized specimens I have seen recently that didn't cost a fortune.
From the Ojuela Mine in Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TEM63STR.jpg (27551 bytes)

Excellent specimen of Staurolite twins on matrix from Russia!
Three distinct crosses are visible on this aesthetic large miniature
measuring 8 cm by 7 cm. From Keivy, Kola Peninsula, Russia.
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO20SUL.jpg (38228 bytes)
CO20SUL2.jpg (26464 bytes)

Classic specimen of translucent -gemmy Sulfur crystals on Aragonite!
This specimen is gorgeous and displays super contrasts between the yellow
Sulfur crystals and the white and dark Aragonite matrix. The Sulfur crystals
measure around 2 cm in size with one even larger. Overall the specimen
measures 14 cm by 12 cm in size! From the locality of Cianciaua, Sicily, Italy.
From the R. Faber collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


DEN87cuprite2.jpg (30165 bytes)

Superb specimen of Cuprite on Chrysocolla matrix!!
These crystals are pure perfection! They glow a deep blood red when exposed to light and the faces
are sharp and lustrous. Gorgeous miniature from the Mashamba West Mine, Shaba, Zaire.
Measures 3.7 cm by 2.7 cm in size.
From the R. Larkin Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


From the Benitoite Mine in California, this specimen is loaded with complete
gemmy Benitoite xls and a double terminated Neptunite xl at top! A fantastic
combination specimen from this famous locality. It measures 2.25" by 1.5"
From the D. Balan collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


Superb purple Fluorite specimen with Chalcopyrite and Galena climbing the right side.
From the Annabel Lee fluorspar mine in Hardin County, Illinois.
From the J. Webster collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den92anhydrite.jpg (41199 bytes)

Superb specimen of Anhydrite blades!
Beautiful cluster from the Silver Mines in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico.
This is one of the best looking clusters I've seen recently measuring a cabinet
sized 6" tall by 5" wide. Very aesthetic collection piece with numerous blades.

From the L. Youngwirth collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


Awesome specimen of fully terminated Smoky Quartz on Actinolite matrix.
From Neroika in the Polar Urals of Russia. The 8" Smoky xl is naturally attached and
undamaged and semi-translucent! The matrix is a sparkling green and this combination
of the two is very dramatic and uncommon. It measures a large 9.5 by 6.25 inches.

From the S. Pitts Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC89bluecobarite2.jpg (44421 bytes)

One more Colorado classic! Gorgeous xls of Blue Barite with yellow Calcite!
From the Leeson Pocket - circa July of 1989, Stoneham, Weld County, Colorado.
Choice specimen measuring 6 cm by 9 cm by 7 cm in size.

From the W. Logan Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TEM64CAL.jpg (31512 bytes)

Exceptional elongated Pink Calcite with full termination and associated Calcites!
This crystal measures a large 6 inches in length and hosts several different
crystal habits of smaller Calcites at the base and up the lower right side.
From the now closed 2nd Sovietsky Mine in Dal'negorsk, Russia.
From the T. Cordova collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO5HOFlinarite.jpg (57461 bytes)

Superb speciman of Linarite spraying across drusy matrix!
These blue sprays are fantastic displaying great flash and color!
It's not easy to find a specimen of Linarite the quality of this one.
From the Blanchard Claims near Bingham, Socorro Co., New Mexico.
Measures 11 cm by 9.5 cm with 2 to 3 cm Linarite sprays.
From the C. Mercadier collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC300hopesnose.jpg (32879 bytes) TUC300b.jpg (51889 bytes)

It's a gold ice crystal! Actually it's a very rare specimen of super dendritic Gold
from the closed locality of Hope's Nose, Torquay, Devon, England. The matrix
which hosts the very fine Gold xls is red Calcite. The entire specimen measures
5.5 cm with a 2 cm Gold crystal! This Gold is also Palladium rich.
From the J. Webster collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TEM55AME.jpg (29796 bytes)

You should see this under a light-box! Colorful and scare terminated
crystal of Ametrine - the gemstone famous for its unsual coloration mix
of both Amethyst and Citrine! Ametrine comes from only one locality
in the world and that is the Anahi Mine in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Measuring 9.5 cm tall, this specimen is a crystal collectors dream!

From the G. Foong collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO63HBRD.jpg (38040 bytes) CO63B.jpg (42011 bytes)

Classic Copper and Silver halfbreed from Michigan!
The Silver displays good crystal growth atop the Copper matrix and
completely covers the backside as seen in the photo on the right.
From the S. Kearsarge Mine in Kearsarge, Michigan.
Measures 7 cm by 4.5 cm in size.
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO71FRNK.jpg (65933 bytes)

Exceptional old collection specimen of Rhodonite on Franklinite and Calcite!
From the classic locality of Franklin in Sussex County, New Jersey.
This well crystallized cabinet specimen measures 9 cm by 13 cm in size.
Extremely fluorescent!!

From the S. M. Kuitems collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO70VIRG.jpg (42156 bytes)

Another classic! Fluorapophyllite crystals on green Prehnite!
From the famous Fairfax Quarry in Centreville, Fairfax County, Virginia.
Cabinet sized specimen measuring 7 cm by 10 cm with a 2 cm cluster top left!
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TEM52TZN.jpg (15678 bytes) TEM52B.jpg (14145 bytes)

Beautiful terminated Tanzanite crystal on a matrix of Graphite. Full natural and
untreated color highlights this rare matrix crystal from Tanzania, Africa.

From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO111Kazsilver.jpg (65225 bytes)

Exceptional specimen of swirling wires on matrix!
These Silver wires literally smother the Calcitic matrix from top to bottom.
Very aesthetic specimen from the Sarbay Iron Mine in Rudny, Kazakhstan.
Measures 6 cm by 7 cm in size. Definately some very rich ore here!

From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward

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