den28bigbluefluor.jpg (59664 bytes)

Fantastic BIG Blue Fluorite with Golden zoning on Sphalerite!
From the Denton Mine in Hardin Co., Illinois. This cabinet sized beauty
measures 22 cm by 19 cm and exhibits a perfect cluster of Blue Fluorite
sitting atop a naturally etched Barite and Yellow Fluorite base. The main
body of the speciman is well formed black Sphalerite crystals! Very nice!

From the Kevin Ward Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den19newsmith.jpg (38943 bytes)

New Find! Lustrous Green Smithsonite and Quartz!
From a new find at the San Antonio Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico.
The Smithsonite is very fine and brightly reflective. Measures 8 cm by 7 cm.

From the T. Cordova collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


DEN203peruchalco.jpg (27357 bytes)

Super aesthetic crystals of Chalcopyrite on a Quartz cluster!
From the San Antonio Mine, Concepcion del Oro, Zacatecas, Mexico.
Measures 6 cm by 4 cm in size.
From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


DEN4bisbeeazur.jpg (75810 bytes)

Breathtaking specimen of velvety Azurite on matrix from Bisbee, Arizona!!
Classic specimen measuring 16 cm by 11 cm in size. I love Bisbee specimens and this
would rate as one of the best 5 specimens I have seen of this variety. Very aesthetic!

From the A. Cooper collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC2004-38pholaz.jpg (76759 bytes)

Wow! Rare mix of gemmy Phlogopite crystals on Lapis matrix with Pyrite!
The color mix of these minerals is incredible! I've seen many gemmy Phlogopite crystals
but never have I seen one on blue Lapis (Lazurite) matrix. The photo displays just how
incredibly gemmy these crystals are! From the Koksha Valley, Badakhshan Province,
Afghanistan. Measures 10 cm by 11.5 cm in size with 2 cm Phlogopite crystals!

From the Ganis collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC2004-902czechsilver.jpg (60560 bytes)

Dramatic specimen of dendritic Silver climbing matrix!
From Pribram in Bohemia, Czech Republic. Measures 9.5 cm by 5.5 cm.
One of the most attractive specimens I've seen from this locality!
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC2004-897chinafluorite2.jpg (75462 bytes)

Gorgeous specimen of icey-blue Fluorite (cubic) on Muscovite matrix with Arsenopyrite xls!
The smaller cubes surround the large 4 cm center cube so aesthetically that the specimen
looks almost too good to be true. The crystal faces are very lustrous, as are the Arsenopyrite
crystals that accent the matrix. From the Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang County, Hunan Province
of China. Measures 10 cm by 10 cm in total size with a 4 cm and three 1.5 cm Fluorite crystals.
From the C. Vermont collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC2004-886linarite2.jpg (68601 bytes)
TUC2004-886b.jpg (43701 bytes)

RARE and INCREDIBLE!! The finest, glassiest crystals of Linarite you will ever see!
The close-up clearly displays the intense color of these thin Linarite crystals! All the
crystals are nestled snug in a vug of Quartz crystals and breccia matrix.
From the
Grand Reef Mine in Graham County, Arizona
, this specimen is a collector's dream
and an Arizona mineral collector's must have! Measures 8 cm by 7 cm in size.
From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC2004-883elizabethR.jpg (57480 bytes)

Superb specimen featuring Beryl var. Morganite crystals on Quartz and Albite!
From the famous Elizabeth R Mine in Pala, San Diego County, California.
Not the largest I've seen from this locale, but definately the cutest specimen!
Measures 6 cm by 9 cm with a half dozen Morganite crystals!
From the C. Vermont collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den8musctopaz.jpg (51647 bytes)

This specimen is a mineral association collector's dream!
A complete crystal of bronze Muscovite with Cleavelandite and a large
gemmy Golden Topaz (double terminated)! Fantastic combination piece
from Gilgit, Pakistan measuring 6 cm by 8.5 cm and sporting a 5 cm Topaz!

From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC2004-605orangeqrtrutilec.jpg (79357 bytes)

Gorgeous specimen of lustrous Rutile crystals nestled between Orange Quartz points!
An incredibly aesthetic specimen from the Kapudzhukh Mountains in the Muxtar Respublikasi,
Azerbaijan. The color contrast between the shiny black Rutile crystals and the Hematite colored
orange Quartz is exceptional! This is the best specimen I've seen from this locality and probably
one of the most attractive from the find. Measures 10 cm by 12 cm in size with a custom base!

From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC2004-606tsumebgrncal.jpg (73810 bytes)

EXCEPTIONAL!! Large cabinet sized plate of Dioptase included Calcite!
From the famous Tsumeb Mine in Tsumeb, Namibia, SW Africa!
Definately the best I've seen! Measures a large 13 cm by 23 cm in size.

Ex. Sussman Collection.
From the A. Cooper collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUCS292virginopal4.jpg (32092 bytes)
TUCS292virginopal2.jpg (20142 bytes) TUCS292virginopal3.jpg (23306 bytes)

Incredibly colorful specimen of Fire Opal from Virgin Valley, Nevada!
I love these specimens! A number of very high quality pieces appeared at this year's show
and I cherry picked this one from the collection. The first photo at top shows the color flash
straight on. The two photos at the bottom show how the colors change when the Opal is viewed
at different angles. This Opal specimen screams reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, and more!
The 4.5 cm by 4 cm Opal is displayed in a water filled specimen glass measuring 6 cm by 5 cm.

From the G. Oboler collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO171HOFgalsiderite.jpg (67565 bytes)
CO171B.jpg (9353 bytes)

Exceptional specimen of tan Siderite on lustrous Galena with Quartz accenting!
This beautiful piece is
ex Bement collection, American Museum of Natural History.
On the bottom, there is a collection number and an arrow pointing to the direction in
which the specimen should be displayed. This was written by Louis Gratacap, the early
1900's author. He did this on most Bement pieces. The date of this specimen is circa
1900 or earlier. Comes complete with the old American Museum of Natural History
label. From Neudorf, Harz Mountains, Germany. Measures 7.5 cm by 9.5 cm in size.
From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


A93germfluorite.jpg (39866 bytes)

HALL OF FAME SPECIMEN! Beautiful old German Fluorite!
Bright yellow cubes are accented by slight tints of blue near the faces.
There's also a sparkling drusy Quartz coating on some of the Fluorite.
From Lauta, Saxony, Germany. Measures 8.5 cm by 5 cm in size.
Formally of the H. Obodda Fluorite Collection #2362.
From the P. Gillot collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TU273ALX.jpg (23539 bytes) TU273B.jpg (19377 bytes)

Superb! Rare Alexandrite crystal on matrix with excellent color change!
This Alexandrite measures 1.2 cm in size and is fully terminated!
Measures 2 cm by 2.7 cm from Malyshevo, Yekaterina Oblast', Urals, Russia.
From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den83erythrite.jpg (55867 bytes)

Gorgeous blades of Erythrite from Bou Azzer, Morocco!
A superb specimen in every way with a full 1 inch terminated crystal
pointing towards the top! Measures 7 cm by 4 cm.

From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUCS690pollucite.jpg (48446 bytes)
TUCS690pollucite2.jpg (61707 bytes)

EXCEPTIONAL and RARE specimen of Pollucite sitting atop a doubly terminated Smoky Quartz!
Both crystals are on stark white Albite matrix with green Tourmalines scattered for color accent!
Wow, talk about your difficult specimens to photograph! The three pictures above are about the
best photographs I could get of the pearly white Pollucite crystal against the white Cleavelandite.
The specimen is even better in person but these photos give a good idea of the quality and size of
this large cabinet specimen! Pollucite is a rare pegmatitic mineral which has a very pearly luster
and looks almost like a shiny ball of ice. This super crystal measures 4.5 cm in size on a matrix
measuring 21 cm by 19 cm in total size. From Paprok, Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Unique!!
From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den4mercury.jpg (52055 bytes)
den4b.jpg (59611 bytes)

Scarce specimen of Mercury on tan matrix!
This incredible piece is from Sonoma Co., in California and is literally
smothered with the small silverish droplets. These Mercury drops are
completely stable and will not roll. Small cabinet sized at 6 cm by 9 cm.

From the Kevin Ward collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


D449LAP.jpg (42258 bytes)

Incredible specimen of Lazurite on Marble with Pyrite!
The large 3.5 cm crystal of Lazurite is completely exposed as it
sits atop the Marble matrix!! From Peech, Nuristan, Afghanistan.
Measures a large miniature sized 6.5 cm by 4.5 cm.
From the S. Sugihara collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den58realgar.jpg (30673 bytes)

Sharply terminated and gemmy red Realgar!
From the Shimen Mine in the Hunan Prov., of China.
A superb specimen measuring 5.5 cm by 6 cm.

From a Private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den12vivianitelud.jpg (14578 bytes)

Incredibly gemmy Vivianite with Ludlamite!
This exceptional crystal measures just over 6 cm tall and displays
a side matrix covered with small Ludlamite xls. Rare combination!
From Huanuni, Bolivia.

From the Dr. F. Lucas collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den2kunzitematrix.jpg (43425 bytes)

Gorgeous rare specimen! Three pink Kunzites on Elbaite matrix!
The largest gemmy Kunzite is 10 cm long while the Kunzite in the
back is 7 cm. Both are terminated while the largest crystal is
double terminated. The smaller Kunzite accents the front matrix.
This glowing specimen is from the Shigar Valley near Dassau,
Pakistan. Total measurements are 13.5 cm by 8.5 cm!

From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


CO113Prehnite.jpg (33968 bytes)

Beautiful mix of Prehnite balls, Quartz, and Calcites along the top and back!
From a locality West of Brandberg, Messum Area, Namibia. The Prehnite spheres
measure 1.5 - 2 cm in size and there are many double terminated Quartz crystals.
The pearly Calcite crystals completely cover the top and back and scatter among
the Prehnite crystals on the front. Overall, the specimen measures 8 cm by 7 cm.
This is a classic specimen from a classic locality and it is perfect in every way!
Formally of the F. J. Barlow Collection.
From the D. Nash Collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


den22rosequartzmusc.jpg (34932 bytes)

Breathtaking and gemmy Rose Quartz spray with gem quality Muscovite!
The Muscovite is a translucent golden color in strong light. One of the finest
Rose Quartz association specimens you will ever see. Measures 7 cm by 6 cm.
From Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

From a private collection. Photography by Kevin Ward


TUC36tri-calcite.jpg (39354 bytes)

One of the best Tri-State Calcite specimens I've found in recent years!
The main Calcite is perfect, semi-gemmy, and perched aesthetically atop
a Chert Matrix next to several smaller, doubly terminated Calcites.
I love Tri-State specimens (which I consider to be the next great American
classic locality) and this specimen really caught my eye. Measures 14 cm by
17 cm with a 10.5 cm terminated Calcite! From the Kansas/Tri-State District.

From the P. Gillot collection. Photography by Kevin Ward

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